Quilt Displays

A great painting deserves a great frame.
Your quilt art deserves no less.

Because of the nature of quilting, everyone needs something different in a quilt hanger. That can include length, type of wood, edge style, finish, etc.   In keeping with the custom
nature of the things I make, I don't maintain a large inventory of standard quilt hangers, but instead make almost everything to order.  That way you get exactly what you want and
it makes my job more interesting.

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Bar Clamp Quilt Hanger

The Bar Clamp is probably the best known quilt hanger. Click here to see some examples.

I have a few variations already made and Available on Etsy.com , but most people prefer to order a hanger that meets their precise needs. If you don't see what you want, please email me or contact me via the "Request Custom Item" option at Etsy.com.

Shelf & Rod Quilt Hanger

There are as many variations of this type of Quilt Hanger as there are quilt designs. This little shelf can be made in almost any size though after 36" the flat rod becomes a little unstable and I have to use a dowel.

I have a number of these designed for a 17" wide wall hanging Available on Etsy.com, and for the first 12 sales I will throw in a copy of Easy Applique' Samplers, by Mimi Detrich. This hanger was designed specifically to fit the patterns in this book.

If this design doesn't quite meet your needs, please email me or contact me via the "Request Custom Item" option at Etsy.com and maybe we can come up with something more suitable.

Bar Clamp with 4" Shelf

This variation on the standard bar clamp comes with a 4-inch plate shelf.


Quilt Stand

This 33" x 20" x 36" high quilt stand will be available after I redesign it so it can be taken apart for shipment.

If you'd like to participate in that redesign you can do so by ordering one via email or by using the "Request Custom Item" option at Etsy.com.

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