Bar Clamp Quilt Hangers

Here are a few examples of Bar Clamps

Most of the quilt hangers I have seen in quilt stores are made of pine or fir and have been stained to look like something else.
All of my quilt hangers are made from the solid hardwoods shown. They can be stained if you wish but it is not my policy. Unlike
others, I also finish all my hangers with 2 or 3 coats of gloss or satin polyurethane or lacquer. It takes longer but it is worth it.

36" Oak

48" Cherry

24" Quartersawn Oak

Please ignore the optical illusion. The Bar Clamp really is straight. I'm a woodworker, not a photographer.

Your Bar Clamp will come equipped with knobs similar to the ones seen here. If these do not meet your needs they can be replaced with any of several hundred other standard knobs found at any hardware or home center store. I recommend using a knob with a wide base where it contacts the wood. I also suggest that you take the quilt hanger with you if you purchase replacement knobs to insure that the knob you get correctly fits the length of the screw in the quilt hanger. Different knobs require different lengths.

Customizing your Quilt Hanger can include something as simple as choosing an edge style that matches another piece of furniture in your home. Some examples of available edge styles are shown here.

Instead of keyhole slots which greatly limit how you position them on the wall, these quilt hangers have been designed with a dovetail slot which supports any stud spacing and allows you to slide the quilt hanger from side to side to better center it on your wall.

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